Video-two weeks of fury in the streets greet leaked SCOTUS draft decision to kill Roe

Video-Two weeks of fury in the streets after SCOTUS leaks draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade 2 min 39 sec

Video of two weeks of fury in front of the Supreme Court, at the homes of Supreme Court "justices," at marches in Florida (an antiabortion state), and more. Includes failed attempt by LAPD to arrest anticapitalist pro-choice marchers, and the effects of the fire/molotov attack on an antichoice group's HQ building in Madison, WI.

Two weeks of fury, how many more if SCOTUS dares to double down by actually publishing this draft as their final decision? Will 2022 be the "Summer of Rage" predicted by some? Will it overshadow even Summer 2020 for confrontation in the streets?

Faceoff against the far-right at a march for abortion rights. Cops protecting the far-right as always

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