April 2023

Declare Emergency paints up Degas "Little Dancer" sculpture

At around 11AM on April 27, Declare Emergency entered the National Gallery of Art. Inside, they both handprinted and poured mock blood and oil onto the clear plastic casing around Edgar Degas' "little dancer of 14 years" statue. They then sat down and waited for arrest. This is in the footsteps of UK based "just stop oil" which has also targeted artworks. In this case, no damage to the sculpture itself was possible or intended. Declare Emergency stated that "human expression is being destroyed by climate change."

Video by Ford Fischer 5 min

Still from video by Ford Fischer

Reportback from Apr 24 Orlando, FL trangender rights rally

On the 24th of April, transgender folks and their supporters gathered in drenching rain in Orlando, defying a threat of armed attack by an out of state pastor’s son as well as the rain.A grand total of nine Fascists showed up to harass them, thinking at first the rally had been “rained out” but people fighting for their lives cannot be rained out. The Fascist counterprotest by comparison was mostly rained out, those who did show were outnumbered at least five to one.

Video of the march in the rain and rally at Orlando City Hall 3 min 22 sec

Green Groups Rally On Earth Day, Warn Fossil Fuels Imperil Life As We Know It

Washington DC—Over 40 green groups rallied on Earth Day at Freedom Plaza to celebrate the Earth’s natural beauty while calling on world and local leaders to get serious about ending the use of fossil fuel energy sources. The Saturday event saw hundreds join a in panorama of environmental and social justice messages on a common theme: any further delay in ending carbon based energy sources-oil, methane, and coal, and continued reliance on these energy sources—would lock in rising global heat levels and imperil the existence of all the future generations.

In-depth video by DC Media Group 4 min 57 sec

DC Earth Day reportback

DC's Earth Day marched towards the White House after a series of events on Freedom Plaza. Heavy rains passed through, about half the participants stayed through it and continued the event. "Hundreds" reported present even after the rain.

Video of the rally and march 1 min 25 sec

Still from Extinction Rebellion DC video

Sarasota County, FL School Board meeting draws big protest vs book bans, fundamentalist takeover

On the 18th of April, a Sarasota County, FL School Board meeting drew a huge protest against book bans, the anti-trans hate coming from all but one Board member, and a proposed takeover of New College at DeSantis' urging by an outfit called Vermillion, which is tied to far-right Hillsborough College.

Video-protesting outside the Sarasota County School Board meeting before some went inside to speak 1 min 47 sec

DeSantis appearance at Heritage Foundation in DC draws furious protesters

On the 18th of April, genocidal anti-Trans Fl Governor DeSantis showed up in DC at the Heritage Foundation. This while trans kids were arrested in the FL State House trying to stop a bill to allow CPS to take them from their familes and he just signed a 6 week abortion ban. Furious protesters forced him to slink in via the back door-and surprised him there when he left.

Video-confronting DeSantis at Heritage Foundation 1 min 39 sec

Don't Say DeSantis (Photo by Our Rights DC)

One of many marches against DeSantis's agenda held in St Petersburg, FL

Since the passage of Florida's 6 week abortion ban, Florida residents have been protesting like the protests in DC the first week or two after Trump took office.From Tallahassee to W Palm Beach protests have erupted. One of these protests was a march through the waterfront in St Petersburg, FL.

Video: March in St Petersburg, FL through the waterfront against DeSantis's bigoted agenda of hate (1 min 41 sec)

Pro-J6 prisoner “Freedom Corner” at DC Jail draws counterprotesters

On the 16th of April, the so-called “Freedom Corner” protest at the DC Jail for J6 detainees (Proud Boys, 3%er’s, Oath Keepers etc) drew counterprotesters. MAGA meatheads are simply NOT welcome in DC.

Video in which the MAGA protesters are seen but only counterdemonstrators heard 6 sec

Still cut from Our Rights DC video clip

Protest at Supreme Court demands permanent abortion pill access

On the 15th of March, abortion rights protesters showed up at the Supreme Court. SCOTUS has put a short-term injunction on enforcing a Texas judge's order to the FDA to revoke approval of one of the two drugs used for medical (as opposed to surgical) abortions. Abortion rights activists are demanding SCOTUS permanently stop Federal judges from second-guessing the FDA and injecting politics into the drug approval process.

Video from clips by Our Rights DC 39 seconds

Photo by Our Rights DC

Protests erupt, force a recess as 6 week abortion ban rammed through FL statehouse

On the 13th of April, protesters succeeded in shutting down the FL "House of Misrepresentatives" for about 15 minutes by yelling and throwing down papers after one too many weakening amendments to DeSantis's 6 week abortion ban was shot down.

Video from inside the FL statehouse as protesters SHUT DOWN the session over 6 week abortion ban 2 min 43 sec

Papers thrown down from the gallery as FL House votes to ban abortion

IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for Meetings

April 13, 2023
Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Anjoulie Woodhead, Communications and Outreach Director
anjoulie@jubileeusa.org / (202) 964-0134IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for MeetingsDebt Roundtable Meetings Attempt to Break Impasse on Debt Relief From China and Private Sector

Occupy Tally holds presscon warning of Desantis's ambitions of Presidency and genocide

On the 12th of April, Occupy Tallahassee held a press conference across the street from the FL state Capitol, This was the night before a scheduled vote on a bill to ban almost all abortion in Florida after 6 weeks.

Video-speakers war of the genocidal intentions and Presidential ambitions of Fl Gov DeSantis on eve of abortion ban vote 4 min