Video-Trumpers/MAGAts and militia supporters in convoy, antifa flag opposing them 46 sec

On the 6th of March, the long-expected MAGAt/antivax convoy descended on the Capitol Beltway. Included in the convoy were many with pro-Trump and pro militia banners. There was even explicit support for the J6 coup attempt. A single counterprotester drove through them with a large antifa flag flying from their car.

Video-Both FFF and Ukrainians demand ban on Russian oil imports 55 sec

On the 4th March, young people from Fridays for the Future joined protesters in front of the White House supporting Ukraine. They brought a message demanding that the US and the world boycott Russian oil. This sanction would put Putin out of business financially while encouraging use of renewable energy.

Video-protest at ICE including laying of flowers 2 min 15 sec

On the 3ed of March, a number of migrant organizations descended on the headquarters of ICE to protest record deportations and Biden's continuation of many of Trump's worst immigration policies. Demands included freeing all ICE detainees, ending electronic monitoring, halting deportations, shutting down detention centers and chopping the budgets of ICE and CBP.

This is a bit delayed, but reports have reached Indymedia that on Feb 26th,. Truist Bank's security guards stole posessions of unhoused residents on the plaza at 18th and Columbia Road. Unhoused residents have been driven from the plaza by harassment but activists still hold it. Truist Bank is attempting to fence off, then demolish the plaza for condo construction but has been hung up in court for decades.

At attempt to organize a "trucker" convoy rally at the Washington Monument on March 1 failed with the organizeer whining "where are the trucks?" on Twitter. This was supposed to cooincide with Biden's State of the Union address. For far-right organizers to enter DC would be to subject themselves to scrutiny by the US Marshalls and FBI which are still hunting J6 fugitives and unindicted co-conspirators, so they may have been scared away.

Late night on the 16th of Feb, it was announced on Twitter that not only had the leader of MD/VA "trucker" convoy organizing been found, but that local antifascists had dropped by his house and left signs identifying him as a Proud Boy.

Video-why we protest Repsol 1 min 31 sec

On Jan 15, the Spanish (original colonizer) oil company Repsol spilled over 6,000 barrels of oil in a Peruvian port after waves from the distant Tonga volcanic eruption rocked their tanker in port while unloading oil. Peruvians have been protesting Repsol ever since, demanding accountability. One of these protests took place on Feb 13 at the Embassy of Peru here in Washington DC.

On the 5th of February, Code Pink held a nationwide series of rallies against increasingly likely war between the US and Russia over Ukraine. One of these rallies was directly in front of the White House.

If this war gets going, expect "pro-energy" Democrats to vilify all opponents of fracking, pipelines, and LNG export as supposed Russian stooges. That is the same line their GOP progenitors used during the Cold War, was bullshit then and is bullshit now.

Video of the protest including the failed attempt by security guards to stop chalking 2 min 28 sec

On the 4th of February, protesters returned to the IMF and World Bank. This time around it was Extinction Rebellion DC, protesting IMF and World Bank "loans" to nations in the global South-and demands that "debtor" nations permit fracking, pipelines, and fossil fuel export. From 20 to ten years ago, the IMF and World Bank endured siege after siege by protesters over almost the same issues.

Video: the scene around K st in AM rush hour as protesters shut it down 30 sec

On the 31st of January, Shut Down DC and many other organizations descended on K st in AM rush hour, marching in from Black Lives Matter Plaza. They focussed on lobbying groups whose work has included pushing the GOP to block the Build Back Better Act. An outfit called "" was singled out for lying to the public.

On the 28th of January, crude hand-drawn swastikas were found scraweled over nearly every column at an entrance to Union Station. No word on suspects or arrests, people are wondering if security cameras even got video of this hate crime and its perpetrators.

On the 27th of January, Code Pink held a mid-day protest in front of the White House against increasingly likely war in Ukraine. The fact that both the US and Russia posess nuclear weapons greatly increases the stakes if both countries commit troops to the same battlefield.

Video clip from longer video recorded by hidden camera at the scene 21 sec

On the 25th of January, climate activists from Declare Emergency blocked southbound traffic on Rock Creek Parkway with themselves-and a thousands pounds of coal dumped across the road. They are demanding the US government formally declare (and thus admit to) a climate emergency

On the 23ed of January, Palestininans and their allies held an emergency protest at the Israeli Embassy. This was to protest housing demolitions in Sheikh Jarrah, Naqab, and Al-Khalil. After the main protest, some of the activists pitched tents (needed when your house has been demolished) in front of the Israeli Embassy. Seven stayed on and were arrested.

Video by Laura Albast of tents raised in front of the Israeli Embassy 18 sec

Video of some of the crazier elements, plus the Proud Boys 2 min 50 sec

On the 23ed of January, thousands of anti-vaxxers as well as anti-vaccine mandate protesters descended on the Lincoln Memorial. While billed as opposing mandates, much of the imagery and speeches targetted the vaccines themselves. Present in the rally were religious extremists, the Proud Boys, and even a few people displaying swastikas. The overall event resembled a Trump rally.

Video-Patriot Front heckled, removed-and your videographer chasing their U-haul 3 min

On the 21st of January, the neo-Nazi/open Fascist group Patriot Front attempted to sieze the lead position in the antichoice/forced birth "March for Life." At first they marched forward while MPD bike cops pushed back anti-Fascist and pro-choice counterprotesters. Soon, however, they had to withdraw to the sidewalk and make a left turn out of the march.

Video-projection of "Senator Sinema is holding America hostage" 5 seconds

On the 19th of January, protesters gathered a few blocks back from the US Capitol as the Senate attempted to vote on the voting rights bill only to be blocked by a GOP filibuster. The treason of Sens Manchin and Sinema prevented any modification of filibuster rules, so the GOP now owns the election machinery in enough states to all but guarantee a Trump 2024 "win."