On the 5th of September, protesters again returned to the Supreme Court in opposition to the Dobbs antiabortion decision-and to the efforts by the Koch-funded "Judicial Crisis Network" attempts to criminalize pro-choice protests at the homes of so-called "Justices." The big siege fence is gone but the protesters are NOT.

DC Media Group video 1 min 32 sec

On the 29th of August, the Supreme Court's security forces removed the big "siege fence" that had been up since shortly after the May leak of the draft version of the antichoice Dobbs ruling. Activists descended on the plaza to chalk up pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, and anti-Fascist messages.

Not long after students walked out of convocation, the AU management signed a contract with SEIU

Video from raw clips by Mel 1 min 58 sec

On the 27th of August, protesters returned to the N Va home of Supreme Court "Injustice" Samuel Alito yet again. This time around, the protest focussed on Alito's use of Matthew Hale's writings as source material for the Dobbs/abortion ruling. Protester, one dressed as a "Halloween Witch" called out Matthew Hale's executions of women for witchcraft.

Video-a speakers calls out cops for beating/shooting first Black man they see when responding to calls about shootings/guns 27 sec

On the 26th of August,protesters showed up at the DC offices of At the the HQ of the Fraternal Order of Police. This was called "America’s most violent fraternity" as protesters demanded that the DC government or MPD itself get killer cops off the streets. The FPO is infamous for defending killer cops from investigation, prosecution, or even being fired for their crimes.

On the 22th of August, SEIU-organized staff members at American University walked out on strike demanding decent pay and benefits. The strike is ongoing and everyone is being reminded NOT to cross picket lines

Video-students walk out of Convocation in solidarity w strikers 7 sec

Video: before and after the attack 13 sec, two clips by Annemarie Cuccia

On the 24th of August, the National Park service attacked an unhoused camp at 9th and I near the Convention Center, destroying tents and belongings, then fencing off the park. The excuse given for it is "turf rehabilitation" meaning grass is considered more important than people's lives.

On the 24th of August, protesters returning to the weekly Kavanaugh and Roberts home demos brought a twist: children's bubble guns. With police having threatened arrest for the drums and bullhorns normally used, protesters brought out something else to show how ridiculous these rules are.

Video-blowing bubbles at Kavanaugh's house 2 sec

Video: pro-choice protesters in front of the White House 3 min 27 sec

On the 23ed of August, pro-choice protesters showed up in front of the White House with a single demand: that US President Joe Biden follow through with his earlier remarks about declaring a state of Public Heath Emergency over abortion access.

Video from raw clips by Downright Impolite 1 min 7 sec

Supreme Court "Justice" Alito is known among many protesters simply as "the Witchburner" for his quotations of Matthew Hale in the original Dobbs draft. On Aug 20, protesters returned to his home for yet another sortie out of so many since the beginning of May

Video: photographer's victory job shows off stout defenses 7 sec

On the 20th of August, Draq Queen Story Hour returned to Silver Spring. Fearing a repeat of last time's failed disruption attempts or worse, a wall of activists outside defended the entrance. There was no visible sign of MAGAts, Proud Boys, or other would-be defenders. This was literal "peace through strength" where a strong defense may have deterred harassment and prevented trouble from even showing up.

Video-protesters dance their way past Amy Coney Barrett's VA house 1 min 16 sec

On the 19th of August, the weekly protest at the home of SCOTUS "Justice" took on some of the character of a dance party. With music and dancing, activists sought to break the curse of misogyny and hate summoned forth by the Court's June 24 vote to permit uncontrolled state prohibitions on abortion.

On the 19th of August, Harriet's Wildest Dreams held a protest demanding investigation of MPD's shootings of Lararus David Wilson and Kevin Hargraves-Shird. The former was killed by infamous protest cop Jason Bagshaw. At the height of the protest, activists shut down the intersection of 9th st and Penn Ave. At one point, numerous Karens and Kens in their cars leaned on their horns.

Video-protesters take 9th and Penn 1 min 45 sec

The campaign of residential protests against antichoice Supreme Court "Justices" continues! Day after day protesters just keep coming back, presumably until Roe is restored or these extremists resign from the court. Thursday, Aug 18 was Clarence Thomas's turn in the hot seat again.

Video-protesters call out the harm Clarence has done to women, citing recent FL case of 16 year old denied abortion 55 sec

Video from Alex Murphys's clips of the Kavanaugh side of the protests 1 min 15 sec

Yes, the Supreme Court "Justices" are still getting protests at their homes 3 1/2 months after the draft of the Dobbs decision leaked. Kavanaugh has been getting them for nearly a YEAR-and they just keep coming!

On the 16th of August, protesters returned to the home of antichoice Supreme Court "Justice" Neil Gorsuchs. After the protest and possibly expecting it will soon get dark much earlier, a cop aproached the protesters and claimed that bullhorns and amplified sound are illegal "after dark."

Video by DC Media Group of one of the ongoing protests at the homes of the so-called "Justices" of the Supreme Court. On Aug 11 the action was at the entrance to "Justice" Clarence Thomas' posh private community. A special message for his J6-involved wife Ginni Thomas was also included, with chants of "lock her up" and a "Subpeona the Ginni Pig" sign.

Video-DC Media Group video from Thomas home demo w analysis 1 min 54 sec

Video-protesting at Kavanaugh's place in the rain 43 sec

The drenching thunderstorms of Aug 10 cut power, flooded roads, and even forced high/swift water rescues. None of that stopped a hard core of pro-choice protesters from getting past all the obstacles to protest at the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Kavanaugh at the usual time and day.

On the 5th of August, protesters again returned to the home of antichoice GOP Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas. His choice to torpedo Roe v Wade will lead to the deaths of many women.

Video-protesting at the entrance to Clarence Thomas's exclusive private community 1 min