So-called "Susan B Anthony" forced birth ball featuring Lindsey Graham draws furious protest

Video including Lindsey Graham spotted by protesters and yelled at 2 min 7 sec

On the 13th of September, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham introduced a bill to ban abortion nationwide after 15 weeks. He then showed up at the so-called "Susan B Anthony" ball-a militantly antichoice event that this year is celebrating the Supreme Court legalizaing forced-birth laws w the Dobbs decision. Furious protesters outside made attendees (Graham included) run a gauntlet of screaming activists to get in.

Some of the antichoicers were photographed and warned they could be doxxed as they got out of their cars.

It is unknown what if any is the conmnection between these Christian fascists and feminist and voting rights campaigner Susan B Anthony. Doubt has been cast be review of statements opposing abortion alleged to have been made by her:

Same report on national/nomad focussed Iron Snowflake website:

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