Video-the scene at Alito's place as a much larger crowd protests 1 min 8 sec

On the 27th of June, the weekly residential protest against Supreme Court "Justice" Alito drew several times as many people as it had in the past. People are furious that SCOTUS has decided to legalize imprisoning (and possibly even executing) women and doctors over abortion, giving states a nearly free hand.

Video-Smoke flares and street theater at IMF Headquarters 2 min 17 sec

On the 26th of June, the "Cancel Debt for People and Planet" march descended on the DC headquarters of the International Monetary Fund or IMF. Protesters lit off smoke flares and held a street theater demanding that rich countries cancel debts owed by the Global South. This is being proposed as an alternative to extracting fossil fuels to be sold to get money to pay these "debts."

On the 25th of June, protesters returned to the entrance to Gorsuch's private road community for the 7th time. This was just one day after the Supreme Court threw half the US population under the bus by overturning Roe V Wade. Since then, the home addresses of the antichoice judges have been widely shared on social media and these protests are growing

Raw Video-protesters approach Gorsuch's private road community chanting "abort the court!" 41 sec

Video-massive booing at SCOTUS, sounds like a fight about to start but cools off on its own 16 sec

The ongoing protests at SCOTUS(at least 27 hours at this writing) have taken on some of the atmosphere of the early days of Black Lives Matter Plaza, though with some key differences. So far, things are noisy and confrontational, but no tear gas and flashbangs as the antichoice protesters don't have them and the cops have limited their involvement to displays of aggression.

On the 23ed of June, all speculation was that the Supreme Court's Dobbs (abortion) decision would be released the next day, as SCOTUS had added a very unusual Friday "opinion day" to their calendar. On the evening before that Friday, protesters once again returned to the home of SCOTUS "Justice" and People of Praise Handmaid Amy Coney Barrett.

Video-marchers near Amy Coney Barrett's VA home 1 min

Video-facing off outside the Supreme Court and its fortifications 45 sec

On the 23ed of June, the Supreme Court released five more decisions including the long-expected overturning of New York's restrictive concealed carry gun laws. As expected, the highly incendiary Dobbs (abortion) decision was NOT released with more business yet to go. As decisions dropped, pro and antichoice protesters duked it out outside, with bike cops separating most of them

Video of the protests at Kavanaugh and Roberts' houses 2 min

Just two days before what many expect to be a Friday release of the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision to overturn Roe, protesters returned to the homes of Kavanaugh and Roberts. Kavanaugh was singled out as a drunken rapist as well as being notoriously antichoice.

Video-showdown at SCOTUS against PAAU and abortion bans 2 min 15 sec

On the 21st of June, so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising" (PAAU) fetus-stealing antichoice zealots faced off in a point-blank shouting match against pro-choice activists outside the Supreme Court.

Video: June 20 protest on Alito's block and in front of his house 35 sec

On the 20th of June, Supreme Court "Justice" Alito got yet another in the weekly protests in front of his house. He has a pro-Trump "Freedom flag" in front of his house which replaced the US flag the day Trump was defeated in 2020.

On the afternoon of the 18th of June, the Black Bodies for Black Power march arrived in strength at the US Supreme Court. Marchers were demanding bodily autonomy and in particular abortion rights for Black Women. It is widely known that antiabortion prosecutors in MAGAT states will focus much of their fire on women of color.

Video-the march arrives at the Supreme Court 30 sec

On the 18th of June, the Poor People's Campaign returned to Washington DC, this time for a single massive rally on Penn Ave. The rally area stretched from 3ed at to 6th st NW

Video-scenes from the PPC rally 52 sec

On the 17th of June, pro-choice protesters again showed up at the entrace to Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas's closed-off neighborhood. This time around, protesters invoked the revelations of communications with Trump's pre-J6 lawyer John Eastman by Clarence Thomas's wife Ginni Thomas.

Video by Downright Impolite 18 sec

Video: activists march on the plaza, again rebuild monument to Miguel Gonzales 2 min 16 sec

On the 17th of June, DC community activists rallied in front of Truist Bank in Adams-Morgan before marching to Adams-Morgan Plaza. At the plaza, they restored the memorial to Miguel Gonzales that Truist Bank had again destroyed. Afterwards the march proceeded though the streets to Dupont Circle.

Video-Protesters call out People of Praise Handmaid Amy Coney Barrett 1 min 9 sec

Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett is nearly as famous for her "People of Praise" membership and former title of "Handmaid" there as she is for being one of the Nine on the Supreme Court. On the 16th of June, protesters including one in a "Handmaid's Tale" costume again returned to her house, as they have been doing every Thursday around 7PM for weeks.

Video: protesters march up and down the street in front of Alito's home 1 min 45 sec

On the 13th of June, just hours after Shut Down DC's protests at the Supreme Court, protesters again returned to the home of Supreme Court "Justice" Alito. He is held in special contempt both as the author of the leaked SCOTUS draft Dobbs decision and for citing Matthew Hale in that draft. Matthew Hale was a 17th century judge who sentenced two women to death for witchcraft. Now the "witches" are back!