Anti-Trans "Astro-Terf" event w Christian groups draw disruptive counterprotest

Video-disrupting the anti-trans hatefest with noisemakers 44 sec

On the 23ed of June, a mishmash of right-wing groups including Concerned Women for America(CWA), the Family Research Council (FRC), and other hate groups held an "our bodies, our sports" event supposely representing cisgender female athletes opposing trans women in women's sports. Nobody there looked very athletic. Counterprotesters with all possible noisemakers disrupted the event with whistles, drums, bullhorns in siren mode, and more.

Some anti-trans events claiming to represent cisgender women are organized by folks otherwise associated with feminism, these organizers are known as TERFs for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Since hate groups like the FRC and CWA do not qualify as feminists of any type, that makes their anti-trans events "astro-TERF." They are to TERFS as astroturf is to grass.

Efforts by cops to prevent the disruption failed, as Freedom Plaza's property lines were close enough to the event to make the noisemakers effective. Bluffing claims by MPD that a permit from the Park Police was needed were called, and the noisemaking proceeded from the sidewalk

Trans flag flies as team to left of photographer disrupts the "astro-TERF" anti-Trans event

A very pushy photographer with a press pass from the anti-Trans team

The CWA/FRC et all event itself

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