Protest at Kavanaugh's, Roberts' homes attracts much bigger crowd in wake of Dobbs decision

Video: First two passes on Kavanaugh's house show strength of crowd 1 min 37 sec

On the 29th of June, many times more people than the previous week answered the call to show up at "Justice" Kavanaugh's and "Justice" Roberts's homes and protest for abortion rights and gender equality.

People are furious that half of the US is now well on the way to theocracy, with the real risk that women who are caught seeking abortions could face decades in prison or worse.

Protesters in front of Kavanaugh's house

The march crossing Connecticut Ave

Security presence at Kavanaugh's house when protesters are expected

State's rights: NOT such a good idea

Marchers looping around: lead elements are across the street, tail of march still in front of Kavanaugh's house

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