Gaza protesters block entry to Towson Mall N of Baltimore

On November 24, Protesters blocked the entrance to Towson Mall. The cops were called Zionists in chants after pushing them to the sidewalk for the benefit Black Friday shoppers.

Video: Black Friday Gaza protest blocks Towson Mall entrance 38 sec

Protesters at Towson Mall north of Baltimore

Pro-Israel extremists attack Rockville Gaza protest, call for extermination of Gaza residents

On the 5th of November, one of a great many Gaza solidarity protests was held in Rockville, MD. Extremist supporters of Israel showed up to counterprotest. They tried to shout down the rally, called for the extermination of all Gaza residents and called for turning Gaza into "a parking lot." Not satisfied with hate speech and open calls for genocide, they got physically pushy with at least one of the pro-Palestine protesters.

Video from footage by Our Rights DC 2 min

Moms4Liberty meeting in Clarksburg, MD draws protesters

A meeting by so-called "Moms4Liberty" in Clarksburg, MD draw protesters outraged by their anti-lgbtq+ and especially anti-trans agenda of hate. Moms4Liberty is also possibly the most infamous book-banning outfit in the entire so-called "United States"

Video: camera pan shows strong turnout against Moms4Liberty's hate 26 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Moms4Liberty harasses Gaithersburg (MD) High School, draws counterprotesters

On the 26th of September, Christo-Fascist Moms4Liberty showed up in the morning at Gaithersburg High School in Montgomery County, MD. They and "Billboard Chris" held an anti-LGBTQ rally especially condemning trans kids but were outnumbered and opposed by counterprotesters and students alike.

Video: counterprotesters had far more energy and numbers than the bigots 35 seconds

Photo by Our Rights DC

New focus on ethics at Kavanaugh home demo

On the 15th of September, corrupt "frat boy" and so-called "Justice" Kavanaugh again got protesters at his fancy Chevy Chase home. This time around, a new chant was added "we want to know who owns your court." This was in addition to chants calling out Kavanaugh as a rapist and a fascist.

Video: protesters call out Kavanaugh,demanding "We want to know who owns your court 1 min 30 sec

Book Banning issue arrives at Montgomery County, MD school board meeting

At a school board meeting in Montgomery County, MD (just north of DC), Moms4Liberty and a groups of Muslim parents demanded soft book bans (via an opt-out process) on pro-LGBTQ books. Pro-LGBTQ folks counterprotested, demanding schools remain secular.

Video based on Ford Fischer's clips 1 min

Photo of pro-LGBTQ counterprotest by Mont Councilmember Kristen Mink

Kavanaugh, Roberts get surprise home demos without MoCo cops present

On the 4th of May, mushrooming financial and ethics scandals continued to embroil the Supreme Court. Protesters demanding a code of ethics for SCOTUS showed up by surprise marching past the Chevy Chase homes of "justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts.

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 2 mijn 15 sec

Photo by Our Rights DC

Silver Spring DQSH defenders defeat pushing, shoving Proud Boys

On the 18th of February, Proud Boys failed in an apparent attempt to physically bull their way into Silver Spring, MD Drag Queen Story Hour. For all the fighting outside the show went on inside with zero disruption!

Video: Rainbow dressed Parasol Patrol holds their own against pushing, shoving Proud Boys 1 min 37 sec

Still from video from raw clips by Our Rights DC

Roberts, Kavanaugh Dec 18 home demo reportback

On the 18th of December, Supreme Court "Justices" Roberts and Kavanaugh got yet another round of protests at their homes. While an unusual number of cops were sitting at the initial assembly point, they took no action against the protesters.

Video from raw clips by Our rights DC 1 min 30 sec

Photo By Our Rights DC

Extremist judge sentences Declare Emergency Beltway blockader to 60 days jail

ROCKVILLE, MD (November 30th, 2022) On Monday, Declare Emergency supporter Will Regan was sentenced by Montgomery County Judge Sherri Koch to 60 days in jail, for stopping traffic on the DC Beltway on October 10th. Judge Koch overruled the prosecution’s request for 4 days jail time, and handed down the maximum penalty.