Kavanaugh, Roberts get surprise home demos without MoCo cops present

Video from raw clips by Our Rights DC 2 mijn 15 sec

On the 4th of May, mushrooming financial and ethics scandals continued to embroil the Supreme Court. Protesters demanding a code of ethics for SCOTUS showed up by surprise marching past the Chevy Chase homes of "justices" Kavanaugh and Roberts.

This pair of protests apparently took the Supreme Court and the police by surprise: a few US Marshalls were in front of the homes of these "justices," but Montgomery County police were caught by surprise and did not show up at all.

Author's commentary on the role of the Supreme Court (as packed by Trump and Mitch McConnell) in creating the current political chaos in the US.

The GOP continues to scream about the fact that protesters have marched past the homes of all six antichoice "justices," while saying nothing about this so-called "court" throwing out 50 years and more of settled law and throwing almost every personal right in the US into chaos and uncertainty. Even no-fault divorce is now on the chopping block in Texas, as sexual and gender taboos excalate to "one man, one woman, one time.

Kavanaugh and Roberts are two of the six "Justices" whose decision to permit states to ban abortion and potentially prosecute women for seeking abortion have pushed the United States to the edge of civil war. Beyond abortion laws, in states like Florida, Texas, Missouri, Montana, and worst of all Tennesee, a full-throated pogrom is underway against transgender folks and especially trans kids. This witch-hunt seemed to detonate out of nowhere weeks after the Dobbs decision came down.

First came hate-filled statements at conventions like that of Proud Boys linked "Moms4Liberty" and Turning Point USA, both in Tampa Fl. By CPAC in Jan 2023, these calls had escalated all the way to an overt call by a Daily Wire columnists to "eradicate" transgender people. Not long after the Tampa conventions, Fascists and overt Nazis putting hate into action began with attempts to storm drag shows, but stout defenses have bogged that offensive down. Not long afterwards, Nazis began targetting the Jewish community as well. As of early 2023, it is considered unsafe to open small neighborhood synagogues in Florida due to the threat from Nazi terrorists. All of this was set loose by the Dobbs decision back on June 24, 2022.

Then came January and state legislatures went back into session. Unbelievably extreme bills with the potential to cost thousands of lives were fast-tracked and signed into law. Speakers at rallies in Florida have warned trans folks to arm for self defense, and indeed many are.

Laws are being passed to take kids from their families, subject them to "conversion therapy" and attempt to destroy their identity. Under UN definitions of genocide, this qualifies. Roberts and Kavanaugh are as responsable as anyone in Florida or Tenn for this hellish nightmare.

Donald Trump in turn is responsible for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh("Rapey Brett," and Amy Coney Barret ("the handmaid") being on the Supreme Court at all. Hopefully the corrupt "justices" voting for chaos and potentially civil war will end up going to prison alongside Trump, convicted of ethics violations for those millions of dollars in gifts more and more of these "justices" are being found to have received. If not, the IRS could take them down the same way they got Al Capone if this income was not declared on their tax returns.

Photo by Our Rights DC

Two US Marshalls, no Mont County cops in front of Kavanaugh's house

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