Capitol Hill fake abortion clinic hit with paint, eggs

Sometime between the evening of June 2 and the morning of June 3, unknown fighters took direct action against the so-called "Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center." Graffiti left on the building declared "Jane Says Revenge, a possible reference to the "Jane's Revenge" direct action movement targetting antichoice organizations and facilities all over the so-called US.

Staffers at this fake clinic report that security cameras were not working at the time of the paint strike. Thus there should be no leads as to the identity of the warriors who carried out this mission. MPD is whining about it, referring to an "ongoing investigation." Cameras not working is no suprise: the rest of the building is quite shabby looking l.

This is one of many "clinics" posing as abortion clinics run by antichoice religious groups. Women who mistake them for health clinics get hammered with religious propaganda. Speaking of the far-right, the same Heritage Foundation associated reporters who showed up the previous night at the Amy Coney Barrett protest covered this story as well, possibly summoned by the facility's owners. This shows how the different elements of the antichoice GOP work together: fake clinics, propaganda, lobbyists, and more.

Fake abortion clinic redecorated on Capitol Hill

Late afternoon same day. These folks appear shocked that a progressive reporter would show up. Red paint is gone, but considerable remnants possibly of eggs still visible on the door

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