Trump's "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets a pro-choice home demo

Video originally posted to Twitter by Virginia Allen 31 sec

On the 11th of May, "performance artists" in Handmaid's Tale outfits showed up at the suburban home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett. Staging a performace art means local prohibitions on residential protests cannot be enforced.

One of the reasons Roe v Wade is about to be overturned is Sen Mitch McConnell's choice to first block Obama's last year SCOTUS nominee, then ram through Trump's last year nominee Amy Coney Barret. This turns a 5-4 decision upholding Roe into a 6-3 decison overturning Roe.

It was originally announced that all six antichoice "Justices" would be receiving home visits on May 11. This sort of thing splits up police response and reduces the risk of a dangerous confrontation with militarized police. From a military perspective, one real target to five diversions makes things quite difficult and expensive for the opposition.

Still from Virigina Allen's Twitter video

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