Still from John Zangas video

Fake abortion clinic redecorated on Capitol Hill

Late afternoon same day. These folks appear shocked that a progressive reporter would show up. Red paint is gone, but considerable remnants possibly of eggs still visible on the door

"Karen" (circled in photo) attempted to start arguments and disrupt the protest. She ran behind the cops when this failed

Still from John Zangas video of protesters in front of ACB's house


Still from John Zangas video of protesters inbound on another pass


People of Praise is the organization in which Amy Coney Barrett held the title of "handmaid"

Protesters in front of "Justice" Alito's house-AGAIN!

This fence around the Supreme Court has been cited as making it necessary for protesters to go to the judge's homes instead if they wish to be heard or effective


Engaging the defenders of theocracy more closely

"Pro life my ass" at Kavanaugh's house.


Calling out "rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's hypocrisy on privacy


Another pass on Kavanaugh's house (still from John Zangas video)

Still from Twitter video by Downright Impolite