Penn Ave is seeminly ALWAYS closed now when there is a protest. This scene shows what Trump really thinks of the Kurdish people who fought and died to defeat ISIS


An Iraq War veteran condemns Trump's decision to abandon the US's former ally against ISIS(originally Al Qaeda in Iraq) to invasion


The rally while the sun was still up

Sexual assault survivors and Women's March are demanding the impeachment of both Trump and Kavanaugh

Blocking the street with "Reclaim the Court" yellow tape


In front of Mitch McConnell's house (the red brick rowhouse)

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This blockade of 1st st led to around 160 arrests

The early crowd behind a real or fake "suspicious package evacuation." Maybe the protest itself was the "suspicious package?"


This police line failed to prevent the second blockade of 1st st NE in three days


Supreme Court from across the street as the cases were heard

The daytime protest at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Late in the evening vigil

Burn baby burn! MAGA hats burn as Trump peddles hate in Minneapolis