Photo by MoCO County Council candidate Kristin Mink

At "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's house

At "Rapey Brett" Kavanaugh's house,another view


Calling out the current Supreme Court as illegitimate

The July 4 Beltway blockade. If Judge Koch thinks THIS is a traffic problem maybe a look at I-75 in FL would be educational(photo by Declare Emergency)

I-75 backed up from flood-forced closure Sep 30th. HERE's your climate emergency in action, judge Koch! Unlike a short-lived protest blockade, this is still ongoing as this is written. Folks here are lucky to even still have their cars. Fuck off with your whining about a peaceful sit-in on a dry road that goes minutes to hours

Lead banner of the Women's March

March stretched for many blocks


Calling out GOP hypocrisy on abortion (e.g Herschel Walker)


Some of the fascists chased away by more militant pro-choice activists


Covering up theocratic banner on tall poles with another banner


Main group of counterprotesters was MUCH smaller than Women's March. Man on point for this is wearing a MAGA hat

PAAU's keynote speaker: the infamous Randall Terry of Operation Rescue

This man (circled) was identified by another counterprotester as a member of the Proud Boys. He is also with hard core theocrats


Telling fascists and Proud Boys to go home

This truck w anti-vax slogans was also in DC during a March 25 "convoy" run through the city

"Ultra MAGA" on Twitter means swastika-waving hard Nazis who support Trump. This was posted by one of Amy Coney Barrett's neighbors

A little editing: Trump for PRISON in 2024!


Protesters marching towards Amy Coney Barrett's house

Marchers and the overall "Woman Life Freedom" theme

Protesters in front of the building housing the regime's representatives in the US


Say Her Name!


There were only about a half dozen counterprotesters