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Photo by Code Pink

DC Bike Party pulls out of Dupont Circle

Protesters on their way to the press conference

Ready to bring the noise!


Earlier protest demanding the World Bank stop funding Ethiopia's war in Tigray

Photo by Declare Emergency

Photo by Declare Emergency


Photo by Declare Emergency

No limos and G20 ministers in sight here-just cops and protesters

Banner at the World Bank before the ride began


Leading elements of the ride

An Indigenous water protector who was present at Declare Emergency's Capitol Beltway blockade earlier the same day speaks

Enbridge Line 5 to attempt to bypass a reservation that has forbidden them passage with a massive U-bend.

The Code Pink "tank" in front of DAR Constitution Hall while delegates have to run the gauntlet at the back door

Sit-in blockades on the sidewalk. Cops pulled them into the street but it just kept coming