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Photo shot from H st of continuing civil disobedience, using a near 40-1 zoom lens

Fence on Adams-Morgan plaza (18th and Columbia) w wrap showing expected view Truist's yuppie dream condos-and an activists poster over that wrap

Closeup of poster added to Truist's wrap on the fence


Truist's fence and wrap shortly before activists "edited" it with posters

Still cropped from Anthony Tilghman's video of the blockade

anonymous photo

anonymous photo

Solo biker blocking the convoy: one "longtail" holding many bobtails!

Two cups of soda going into a "people's convoy" livesteamer's face the same day the convoy threatened to tar and feather BLM Plaza


Witness report on the ugly car ramming (by the convoy) incident vs an elderly woman on Sunday


This crossed guns and "punisher" skull flag suggest hard fascists in this vehicle

Catching the convoy

Start of the 3-19 ride to the cherry blossoms

Riders under the cherry blossoms