Home of would-be witch burner Alito, with the usual guard since the home demos began

Young people at Pride get behind the cops, confront the "ex-Gay/ex-Trans" Fundamentalist Christian screamers

DC Black Pride's parade car


A dancer taunts the Fundamentalist Christians


Closeup confirming the so-called "ex-trans" presence in the fundamentalists


Police line defending Fundamentalists from the overwhelming GLBTQ numerical superiority

Part of the inbound march passing the front side of the Supreme Court

Blockade at 2nd and Constitution just before the "catch and release" kettle to drive them off


Protesters on both sides of a police line at E Capitol St and 2nd street


Blockade at 2nd and East Capitol streets

Approaching Kavanaugh's house

At Robert's house

Protesters return to the home of Amy Coney Barrett

This man pushed as close as possible to many people and got physically pushy. He is supposed to be a "reporter" for FOX News and may have acted like this on their clock.


Man on left is same FOX News "reporter," man on right is part of his crew or possibly the lead "reporter"