Reportback from March and Vigil to Remember Lives Stolen and Destroyed by the Police

On the 19th of May, DC area activists staged a street march and series of vigils and flower layings to remember those killed by police and the FBI. Terrence Sterling's name came up a lot during the march. This was during National Police Week, when cops from all over Turtle Island come to DC to celebrate their crimes, get drunk, and sometimes even riot and damage hotel property.

Yes, police have actually rioted during National Police Week. Some years ago, two rival groups of cops got into a massive fight in the hotel they were staying in, using common hotel items as "play weapons." By the time it was over, the hotel had received a considerable amount of property damage. During the May 19th march there were no violent incidents but several instances of insults and "off the settlement" behavior by individual cops.

There were stops along the march route at the FBI, Trump Hotel, the FBI Washington Field Office, the Fraternal Order of Police, and a number of locations in Chinatown. One cop tried to provoke the march near the FBI Washington Field Office but nobody backed him up and his efforts failed At some stops (notably at the FBI), flowers were laid to commemorate those who died at the hands of police.

Video highlights of the march

Marching in the streets to remember those killed by police-during National Police Week

Laying flowers to remember those killed by the FBI outside FBI headquarters

At FBI Washington Field Office sign for National Police Week just before one "FBI Police" officer tried and failed at provocateuring against the march

Banners set up on a busy street corner

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