New license plate reading cameras installed on Mass Ave near 3ed st area

These infrared cameras appear to be the privacy-busting Automatic License Plate Recognition cameras that MPD has installed in a few places around DC. They appear to be near-new devices, implying a spread of the cameras beyond their original locations in such places as the I-395 tunnel under the US Capitol.

It is suggested that drivers who regard police databases as a threat avoid the I-395 tunnel and all of its approaches, NY Ave between 9th st NW and N Capitol St, and now Mass Ave between 9th st and N Capitol st as well, plus other nearby streets. Probably all major roads near the US Capitol or White House should be avoided when using a registered motor vehicle. This is due to a known past history of at least one activist car being pulled over and harassed during the GW Bush years on that I-395 tunnel.

Side view of license plate reading camera on Mass Ave where it passes through a construction zone near 3ed st NW.(not sure exact cross street here)

Front view of same license plate reading camera on Mass Ave

Much older license plate reading camera facing the I-395 tunnel from the north, near NY Ave NW.

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