Huge GLBTQ equality march takes the streets against Trump

On the 11th of June, the massive "Equality March" or national Pride took to the streets of DC, taking over much of the area around the White House and the Mall. In front of the White House there was booing and chants of "lock him up" throwing Trump's demand to imprison his 2016 election opponent back at him over Russiagate.

Video highlights of the Equality March including booing, "Lock him up" chants at White House

A dangerous "cattle chute" of fencing created by Secret Service hems in the Equality March on a very hot day with no shade within it

This is a message for white cisgendered Gay men as well as white cisgendered hetero men

The scene as marchers chanted "lock him up!"

The march spread out over most of Constitution Ave

Grass is now more important than free speech on the Mall. The march finally reached another area closer to the US Capitol, but this section was off-limits to everyone

Some marchers may have diverted to the Capitol Pride festival at the end

Wonder Woman lassoes Trump!

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