Friday July 7: Stand in solidarity with J20 defendent facing prison for rescuing pepper sprayed child

On the 20th of January, DisruptJ20 defendent Dane Powell rescued a mother and child who had been pepper sprayed by brutal, rampaging police near the kettle of 230 other J20 arrestees. For this selfless and heroic act he was charged with serious felonies. He will be sentenced in DC Superior Court on Friday, the 7th of July. People are being asked to gather at 9AM outside the courthouse in solidarity


Gather outside 500 Indiana Ave (DC Superior Court) 9AM Fri, July 7

The woman in question can be seen on video screaming "my child!" while desperately fleeing the area with her small child in her arms. You can see Dane carrying her child away from the pigs and to safety and street medics. Her child had been maced by a riot cop firing the big, high pressure pepper spray weapons on everyone in sight. Police are very angry that anyone would dare to intervene as they inflict their brutality on anyone and everyone in sight, small children included. Dane needs your solidarity on Friday, the 7th of July. Beginning at 9M there will be a protest rally outside the courthouse, and then those who can will pack the courtroom to show both Dane and the court that the community has his back.

Video released by #DefendJ20 showing Dane rescuing child from police on Jan 20 originally posted to Youtube at

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