Democratic Socialists of America march on Sen Murkowski's home against Trumpcare

The 10th of July was a long day of civil disobedience against Trumpcare, with over 80 arrests in and around the offices of Senator's Flake and Ted Cruz. That same evening, the Democratic Socialists of America marched on the home of Alaska Sen Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who is believed to be a crucial swing vote on the current Trumpcare bill known as the "Better Care Reconcilation Act."

The Democratic Socialists of America are demanding single-payer healthcare but said bluntly that the existing Affordable Care Act is much to be preferred to the mess that Trump is proposing. The so-called Better Care Reconcilation Act includes deep cuts to Medicaid and an at least one year cutoff of funding for Planned Parenthood. Beginning in 2021, ALL Federal funding for expanded Medicaid eligability would end. Any state wishing to continue expanded Medicaid eligability will have to pay for it themselves. Many states have legislation automatically cutting back Medicaid expansion if Federal funding dries up. Those who currently get subsidies to buy insurance from private companies will also face cutbacks, making insurance impossible for them to afford. The wealthy get a nice tax cut, while 20 million lose eligability for coverage or have to cancel due to the subsity cuts.

Video of the march on Sen Murkowski's home Youtube video-Trumpcare Protesters Storm Senate Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake Targeted

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