Starbucks CEO confronted by former barista over low wages at DC event

Remember Starbucks, the corporation that got their restaurants trashed by black blocs from Seattle/WTO 1999 through the G20 protests in Quebec 2010? Well,Starbucks exploits workers in 2014 like they did in 1999, and former employee Sam Dukore caught CEO Howard Schultz at a DC event where Starbucks was promoting online classes. Youtube video from DC Media Group Report Last year, Starbucks CEO Schultz got $28.9 million, while Sam Dukore was paid $10 an hour making coffee in Starbucks. Meanwhile Starbucks has been compared to Wal-Mart for the severity of their union-busting behavior. This while it is entirely too common for activists these days to patronize Starbucks, a chain that used to be the subject of protests every time there was a meeting of their friends at the WTO, the IMF, or the G20.

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