Debt, Corruption and Tax Policies Impact Poverty, Says Vatican at United Nations

During United Nations Human Rights Council meetings last week, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič, the Geneva based Vatican representative stated, “We can no longer frame the debt crisis as an exclusively economic problem. It affects future generations, as well as the social conditions that allow the enjoyment of human rights of vast numbers of people entitled to the solidarity of the whole human family.”

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Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director

Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director-Fired Federal OSHA Whistleblower Investigator  Speaks Out

Just Say No to Scott Mugno as OSHA Director


It’s traditional to give a President the discretion to appoint whomever she/he wants as federal administrator. However, there’s a reason Congress has a say in this process, and it should now just say no to President Trump’s nomination of Scott Mugno to be the new Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

FedEx has a long record of dangerous health and safety practices leading to a high number of FedEx truck wrecks that were engineered by Tump's new appointee to head OSHA Scott Mugno.

Trump tax cut speech for Heritage Foundation draws protest, "Tax Chicken"

On the 17th of October, Donald Trump gave a speech for the Heritage Foundation at the Marriot at 901 Mass Ave. Organizers of the April 15th Tax March set up the "Tax Chicken" in the adjacent park, then they and other protesters marched onto the sidewalk where Heritage members and Trump supporters were filing in.

Video from the "Tax Chicken" rally and in front of the Marriot as the Trumpers arrived

The "Tax Chicken" from the April 15 march demanding Trump release his tax returns

Reportbacks from Mayday

DC's Mayday march was a two-part affair, beginning with an immigrant march from Mount Pleasant that linked up with a worker's march at Malcolm X Part before continuing to Freedom Plaza and a much larger immigrant rally at the White House. A third march started at Dupont Circle and proceeded directly to Lafayette Park. The Worker's March was marred by harassment from both neo-Nazis and police. Two protesters were detained but both were released as police could not find or fake any kind of probable cause.

Video from the Mayday marches in DC preceded by a stirring speech about the Mayday labor holiday's origins in 1886 (the Haymarker Martyrs)

The lead of the Worker's March pulls onto 16th st

IWW pickets P st Whole Foods demanding Julia's job back

On the 30th of April, the IWW showed up at the Whole Foods on P st, demanding reinstatement of a worker named Julia who was fired for union organizing activity. In addition to the picket, someone dropped a banner with the same demand on it. In an ugly development, alt-right(neo-Nazi) organizer Mike Cernovich showed up, posting photos to his Twitter account.

IWW blockades street in front of Whole Foods demanding reinstatement for Julia Flores

Julia Flores is a 15 year employee of the P St Whole Foods who was fired from her job for organizng workers and informing them about such laws as the minimum wage. On the 13th of January, Many Languages One Voice escalated the campaign demanding her job back by blocking the streets in front of another Whole Foods in Foggy Bottom. They were supported by the IWW in this picket..

Video of the IWW street blockade at Whole Foods

Video: 2016 in activism-chaos, catastrophe, and resistance

Video highlights of the past year in progressive activism. Resistance to Donald Trump, to the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to police murder are the three main themes of the past year. Now we must prepare for the battle to come on the 20th of January, and the war against racism and white supremacy that will follow.

Video-2016 in review