African Catholic Bishops Urge G7 Action on Debt, Bank Reform and Aid to Navigate Africa Crises

Africa Faith Leaders Urge Passage of New York Taxpayers and International Debt Crises Protection Act (S4747, A2970)Rome, Italy – African Catholic bishops, representing 23 countries, issued a statement to G7 leaders to take action on debt crises, development bank reform and greater aid for the continent hit by multiple crises. Finance ministers and central bank governors of the group meet this week, May 11th through 13th.

IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for Meetings

April 13, 2023
Available for interview: Eric LeCompte, Executive Director
Contact: Anjoulie Woodhead, Communications and Outreach Director / (202) 964-0134IMF Forecasts Lowest Growth in Decades as World Leaders Descend on Washington for MeetingsDebt Roundtable Meetings Attempt to Break Impasse on Debt Relief From China and Private Sector

World bank shown literally in bed w Big Oil at Friday afternoon protest march

An October 14, 2022 afternoon march against the Fall 2022 meetings of the IMF and World Bank literally protrayed the World Bank and Big Oil in bed with each other. This was the second march that day against the Fall Meetings, an earlier march having shut down an AM plenary session by blocking delegates and making them run the gauntlet to get in.

March video featuring the bed jointly occupied by the World Bank and Big Oil 1 min 29 sec

IMF protest marches force cancellation of morning plenary session

On the 14th of October, a march against the IMF and World Bank split into two units. Cops followed the main march featuring Code Pink's "tank." So many cops dedicated themselves to keeping that march off 18th st that it served as bait, allowing the other crew to set up on 18th st and force delegates at the AM plenary to run a gauntlet or protesters. That event was soon cancelled, leaving protesters with victory.

Video showing how cops took the bait, leaving delegates to run a guantlet of protesters 2 min 45 sec

The Code Pink "tank" in front of DAR Constitution Hall while delegates have to run the gauntlet at the back door

Noise demo "impedes communication" at G20 presscon at IMF

On the 13th of October, the G20 (20 richest nations reps) attempted to hold a press conference in a ballroom on the 20th st side of one of the IMF's buildings in DC. Outside, protesters pounded drums, blew whistles and air horns, and even rang cowbells. The noise was so loud protesters were issued ear plugs-and it was admitted the noise interfered with the pres conference.

Video-noise demo outside ballroom location of G20 press conference 2 min

Protesters on their way to the press conference

Climate/IMF Protesters may have forced cancellation of G20 dinner at DAR Constitution Hall

On the 12th of October, climate and Indigenous centric protests against the Fall 2022 meetings of the IMF and World Bank began. First up was an evening bike ride from Murrow Park in front of the World Bank to DAR Constitution Hall. Plenty of cops were there but there was seemingly no other activity in or around the building. The G20 Climate and Energy Ministers were supposed to be having a fancy dinner there but seemed to be absent, presumably due to the presence of protesters.

Video of the ride showing lack of limos and G20 ministers around DAR Const Hall 2 min 28 sec

No limos and G20 ministers in sight here-just cops and protesters

Code Pink drops banner INSIDE World Bank building

On the eve of the IMF and World Bank's Fall 2022 meetings, Code Pink got inside the World Bank's headquarters and dropped a "Cancel All Debt" banner before being escorted out.

Photo by Code Pink

Protest at Peruvian Embassy demands Repsol pay for oil spill

On Jan 15, the Spanish (original colonizer) oil company Repsol spilled over 6,000 barrels of oil in a Peruvian port after waves from the distant Tonga volcanic eruption rocked their tanker in port while unloading oil. Peruvians have been protesting Repsol ever since, demanding accountability. One of these protests took place on Feb 13 at the Embassy of Peru here in Washington DC.

Video-why we protest Repsol 1 min 31 sec

Wiphala on display at protest against Repsol at Peruvian Embassy. This flag represents many Indigenous peoples of the Andean region

Extinction Rebellion brings debt/extraction protest back to IMF and World Bank

On the 4th of February, protesters returned to the IMF and World Bank. This time around it was Extinction Rebellion DC, protesting IMF and World Bank "loans" to nations in the global South-and demands that "debtor" nations permit fracking, pipelines, and fossil fuel export. From 20 to ten years ago, the IMF and World Bank endured siege after siege by protesters over almost the same issues.

Video of the protest including the failed attempt by security guards to stop chalking 2 min 28 sec

Protesters return to the IMF

COP26: New Research Shows Latin American and Caribbean Countries Face Growing Climate Risks

COP26: New Research Shows Latin American and Caribbean Countries Face Growing Climate Risks

Debt Relief Can Fund Climate Action, Says Religious Development Group

As climate talks continue in Scotland, new research shows that developing countries lack the resources to respond to the climate crisis.