3D Citizen's Advisory Council Meddles in J20 Proceedings

July 7 - J20 defendant Dane Powell  was sentenced to serve 4 months of two 36 month sentences after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement at the end of April. Ahead of sentencing, the government, led by AUSA Kerkhoff and Borchert, submitted materials to the court supporting their position that both Dane and all J20 defendants should spend significant time behind bars for attending a protest.Among the documentation submitted included a video montage, an assessment of damages and Kerkhoff's statement. But perhaps the most puzzling of pieces was a letter submitted by Camille McKenzie, chair of the 3D Citizen's Advisory Council, or 3D CAC, whose southernmost border is L and 12th St NW.In the letter, 3D CAC described the day's events not as they were; a protest in which the police acted violently towards demonstrators and spectators alike; but as a 'violent riot started by the demonstrators'.  Their gross mischaracterization of the demonstration, coupled with their unwavering commitment to the prosecution, undoubtedly contributed to the sentence Dane is currently serving.3D CAC  is a citizen's group that works closely with the third district of the Metropolitan Police Department.  They meet monthly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at 1620 V Street, NW.  3D-CAC is accepting new members for an annual rate of $5.Can't make it to the meeting, go to: https://www.resistanceresearch.org to find out who you can contact. 

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