Trumpcare 4.0 defeated by single vote after still more protests at the Capitol

Twenty hours of scheduled debate on Trumpcare ended at 9:30PM on July 27 with protesters again at the US Capitol and no bill passed. An 8 page bill was released-with two pages dedicated to defunding Planned Parenthood. In a hurried vote beginning at 1:20 AM on July 28, this 4th attempt at passing Trumpcare was defeated by a single vote. McCain voted NO, and Pence left the Capitol in defeat. Protest WORKS!

One of the rally speakers pointed out that the GOP had originally vowed to have a Trumpcare bill on Trump's desk by Jan 27, instead on July 27th there was still no passed bill. Four times the GOP tried to ram Trumpcare through a Senate they supposedly control, and four time people mobilized to say NO to massive Medicaid cuts and healthcare premium hikes. All four times the bills were defeated. Trump and his MAGAts can hashtag this one #LOSING.

One sour note was this: the same speaker said the resistance began at the Women's March on Jan 21. This is incorrect. Over 200 people are still facing decades in prison for resisting Trump on Jan 20, the very day of his Inauguration. Those tough, intense protests followed by the massive side of the Women's March combined to take the wind out of Trump's sails and entirely deny him the usual "honeymoon" an newly inaugurated US President usually gets. This was surely a factor in tonight's 4th defeat of Trumpcare.

Protesters at the US Capitol chant "Shame on You!" and "Kill the bill!"

A bit after 8PM at the US Capitol, about 5 hours before Trumpcare was defeated for the 4th time

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