Millions for Prisoners marches on White House against slave labor in US prisons

On the 19th of August, Millions for Prisoners marched on the White House and held a rally demanding and end to what one speaker called the "Confederate" jail and prison system in which prison labor for 50 cents per hour is essentially slave labor backed by punishments.

Many speakers called out the origin of US police departments in the slave catchers of old, and pointed out that the intensive policing of Black and Brown neighborhoods is still catching slaves for the plantations to this day. The prison system itself was called the New Plantation. The two main demands of the rally were amending the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that explicitly permits "slavery and involuntary servitude" as punishment for a crime with the word "except" in the general prohibition of slavery, and holding Congressional hearings on recognizing that exception as a violation of international law and the general principle of human rights. Without this exception to the 13th Amendment, the whole prison/plantation model would be illegal under the rest of the same Amendment.

A speaker from Leonard Pelitier's support committe read out a statement of solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal written by Leonard. Another speaker reminded the audience that the entire Florida prison system cancelled all visits for this weekend, saying this proves the power of the movement and that the Enemy fears the people. The Florida prison system had claimed they feared an uprising timed to cooincide with the march.

Selected speakers from Millions for Prisoners

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