Indivisible protests in Olney against Nazi hate

On the 20th of August, Olney residents organized by Indivisible protested at the corner of Ga Ave and Rt 108 against the torches and hate of the Nazis in Charlottesville, VA. Indivisible is a network of groups that seeks to become the Democrat's counter to the Tea Party.

The terror, torches, and river of Nazi hate the world saw in Charlottesville has brought the general public out into the streets in response. Donald Trump has crossed a bright red line with much of the public in attempting to equate Nazi murderers and terrorists with opponents of fascism. There is a world of difference between running people down with a car and seeking to prevent Nazis marching under torchlight while chanting "Jews will not replace us" from storming a church to shut down a public speech. The dark memories of the 1930's invoked by that and the human toll of Nazi terror in Charlottesville seem to have awoken a sleeping giant, and even the suburbs are now on the move.

Georgia Ave at Rt 108 in Olney, MD is a different place than say, Ga Ave and Kansas Ave in Petworth, DC. It takes very serious affront to cause protesters to hit the streets in middle class suburban neighborhoods, and these are not the places one would expect to see the name of a fallen activist invoked. It is thus no surprise that Indivisible would give equal billing to Heather Heyer and the two cops who died when their chopper crashed. Rather what is very inspiring is that middle class suburban residents got off their couches and got out in the streets in the first place.

Heather Heyer was killed when a neo-Nazi drove his car at full power into a march moving to block Nazis from marching on a neighborhood in Charlottesville on Aug 12. That same terrorist seriously injured 19 more people, some of whom it is being reported will have to deal with serious disablity the rest of their lives.

The two police helicopter pilots or aircrew died when their helicopter crashed while flying from the fighting in Charlottesville to another mission escorting a motorcade bearing Va Governor McAuliffe. It now appears that this "bird" was an unsafe aircraft that should never have been flown over people's heads and homes. Both WTOP Radio and the Washington Post have reported that this helicopter was "substantially damaged" by a hard landing caused by a prior engine failure in 2010. That engine failure in turn was blamed on faulty maintainance.

Back in 2011, the Democratic Party attempted to conscript Occupy to be their tea party but failed. The police raids on Occupy camps started shortly therafter. Around the time of Trump's inauguration a number of dismayed liberals decided to start from scratch at mirror-imaging the Tea Party and it's "inside-outside" concept back at the GOP.

Indivisible's rally against Nazi hate at the corner of Ga Ave and Rt 108

Indivisible (Democrat's Tea Party) invokes the names of Heather Heyer and of the cops who died when their chopper crashed near Charlottesville.

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