Protesters march on White House, ICE, trump Hotel, DOJ as Sessions announces end to DACA

On the 5th of September, Donald Trump cravenly had racist attorney general Jeff Sessions announce that he was terminating DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood arrivals. He then punted the issue to Congress, giving them 6 months to pass legislation before mass roundups begin. In response, at least five protest marches went to the White House, ICE, the Dept of "Justice," Trump Hotel, and Capitol Hill. Penn Ave in front of Trump Hotel was blockaded twice.

As of now, Trump has declared an end to the DACA program started by the Obama administration, after over 800,000 young people brought to the US as children gave away their positions and identities by registering for it. A six month delay on implementation punts the issue to Congress, which famously is barely able to pass a budget much less fundamental immigration reforms. This delay does give immigrants six months to move away from the addresses on file with ICE and otherwise take measures to defend themselves, but that's not Trumps' reason for it! More likely he does not want to be blamed if mass deportations to appease the alt-right lead to empty shelves in grocery stores and prevent the rebuilding of storm-ravaged areas in Texas. reports that Session's speech was full of anti-immigrant lies, and even includes a photo of Session's "waving" in a manner that looks like the way a Nazi official would "wave" to Hitler.

Video-Trump's DACA announcement spurs protest marches all over town

A protesters wears a hat directly replying to "MAGA" hats in front of the White House

The first blockade at Trump Hotel

A sit-in in front of ICE

A march to Capitol Hill passes a rally at the Department of Justice

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