Pro-DACA protesters stage disruption inside Trump Hotel

Video: 2:45 of highlights from the protest inside Trump Hotel cut from 21 minute Youtube video by "the one and only power"

On the 6th of September a "suit bloc" of activists disguised in suit and tie "yuppieflage" succeeded in entering Trump Hotel. Once inside, at an arranged time activists opened up with air horns and loud chants about "here to stay" in defiance of Trump's dream of deporting 800,000 "dreamers" or migrants brought here by their parents as children. Eventually protesters marched back outside into the streets where the protest continued.

Not surprisingly given this was inside Trump Hotel, JStein_Vox reported on Twitter that a racist at the bar was yelling "Lock them up," riffing on Donald Trump's unprecendented "lock her up" campaign season demand that his opponent in the 2016 election be sent to prison.

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