Still Rising #2 Mixtape

LISTEN HERE! ^_^)/This music playlist is for all the workers, students, brothers, and sisters struggling in the workplace, the schools, the fields, the mines, the streets, and the factories! In the face of the seemingly dark future we all face, power to those who dream, who sing, who play, who fight! I’d like to share with you my passion for these redemption songs.Furthermore, this playlist is especially dedicated to Charlottesville activists who are fighting for the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, and secondly those who marched 114 miles from Charlottesville, VA to Washington, DC to confront white supremacy. Some of those same folks are occupying so called, “Farragut Square,” which they recently renamed Impeachment Square. They are planning to occupy the park for the rest of the month of September. Their camp was recently raided by the police at 4:00 AM. The police stole their food, water, and tents. #ACAB #FTPThe year of 2017 thus far has showed us that life here on earth is fragile, and that resistance to the destruction of life on earth is fierce. I say power to human and non-human animals, who fight to defend their communities and toward liberation from the oppression of landlords, bosses, chief executive officers, and commander in chiefs.Lastly fuck the pro-trump “mother of all rallies” that is planned to take place in Washington, DC on Saturday September 16th, 2017. Power to those who plan to counter-demonstrate the rally! Noted dates from the Slingshot Organizer:Sept 11, 1589: Barbara and Appela Huebmeyer, Anna Schnelling burned as witches in Waldsee, GermanySept 11, 1941: Construction of The Pentagon beginsOr click here to listen to mixtape:

Protest on the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Terrence Sterling, an African-American Washington, DC HVAC technician. Mr. Sterling was killed by a police officer from the Metropolitan Police Department.

A sign recently found at the occupation of so called "Farragut Square" recently renamed Impeachment Square.

A photo of the rally at Impeachment Square the day before the MPD stole the tents, food, and water, of activists fighting against white supremacy. Officers or Overseers?

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