Nazis, alt-right show up at fizzled Trump/MAGA "Mother of all Rallies"

Video-Known Nazis and Kekistan flags at MOAR, area antifascists debate the fash

Update 9-16 11PM:Fash afterparty found at Harry's bar with Kyle Chapman (based stickman) in attendance. He pursues Indymedia photgrapher (presumably to assault) but cannot keep up.

Update 9-16 7PM: Capitol City Brewing set to host alt-right afterparty, anti-fascists disrupt

More on the afterparty situation at Harrys: Someone yelled the name "Kyle," confirming his presence. Not sure if this was another afterparty or the same one that tried to set up at Capitol City Brewing. No sign of the fash except a single MOAR staff T-shirt at Capitol City Brewing as of 11PM, one hour after the party's announced start time.

On the 16th of September, Trump supporters held their "Mother of All Rallies" on the Mall, only to draw a very small turnout compared to promises. They reserved two panels of the Mall, but at times had only a few hundred people, and one Twitter poster claimed up to half were counterprotesters. Dozens of the MOAR attendees were "alt-right" white supremacists, some with explicitly white supremacist flags and emblems.

The Kekistan flag stands for white supremacy every bit as much as the swastika flag does and the Confederate flag does, its just not as well known outside the white supremacist movement. The alt-right apparently decided that silent dog whistles were the kind to blow at MOAR.

Anti-fascist activists spotted the Kekistan flag and entered the rally to engage the fascists in debate. With cameras rolling, the weaknesses of Nazi and white supremacist philosophy were exposed for all to see. Cops on horseback rode in at one point, and anti-Fascists had to back off to the corner of that grass section. Much of the alt-right followed, which due to the small turnout of MOAR had the effect of stripping their rally of a significant portion of its size. The alt-right followed the anti-Fascists, and some of the militia elements and random MAGA types followed the alt-right. The back and forth went on for well over an hour.

Meanwhile, an anti-white supremacy rally was held by the Charlottesville to DC folks at Farragut Square. There was also a report of a march on the White House demanding Trump be removed from office due to the Russian interference in the 2017 election he solicited, unknown if that march was related to the events in Farragut Square.

There was also the Juggalo (Insane Clown Posse) march from the Lincoln Memorial around the Washington Monument, which dispite all the predictions in the mainstream press of violence did not close on and engage the Trump supporters. Juggalos are facing an FBI "gang" classification that can declare anyone seen in Insane Clown Posse clothing or gear as legally a gang member. That leads to all kinds of police harassment and discrimination in matters from housing to employment to child custody. Insane Clown Posse has been known to burn the Confederate flag onstage, but none of the alt-right was reported as making any attempt to mess with them. Due to far greater Juggalo numbers that would not have been a good idea for the so-called "alt-right.

This is the "Kekistan" flag, combining the WWII Nazi German Naval Flag with the green of "Pepe the Frog" and a reference to an ancient frog god. This is an explicit white supremacist flag

Another "Kekistan" flag at MOAR

An embarrassingly small turnout for something billed as the "Mother of all rallies" and held on the Mall!

An "Earthcam" view of the mostly empty mall

A counterprotester invokes Heather Heyer, murdered by the Nazis in Charlottesville

A group of counterprotesters draws off a good number of MAGA and alt-right facists

Protest in Farragut Square against white supremacy

Anti-Fascists at Capitol City Brewing after they ignored requests not to host an alt-right afterparty

MOAR/fash afterparty moved to Harry's Bar. This is just before Based Stickman(Kyle Chapman)'s failed assault attempt

Swastika tattoo on a MOAR participant's elbow (Photo by JG Wentworth)

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