Massive March for Racial Justice "takes a knee" at Trump Hotel

Video-the march takes a knee at Trump Hotel first on the street, then the sidewalk up close

On the 30th of September, the March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women converged at Lincoln Park and marched to the Mall. On the way, the march passed the Dept of "Justice" and Trump Hotel. At Trump Hotel many of the marchers stopped to "take a knee" and boo at the hotel.

Donald Trump's anti-free speech tantrums targetting NFL players and demanding they be fired for protesting his regime have hit a nerve. The NFL has a lot of racist white viewers, some of whom are no longer watching the games. On the other hand, a great many of those who actually play football for the NFL teams are African-American, directly threatened by racist, brutal police. Donald Trump has shown the alt-right's complaints about free speech to be lies with his own efforts to muzzle NFL players. He is also probably the first king, dictator, or other head of state in history to regard kneeling as an insult.

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