Immigrants and supporters March from ICE to Wilson Buildng demanding Mayor Bowser block further raids

Video including the march and the four demands

In the last week of September, ICE and Trump brazenly declared war on sanctuary cites such as DC, sending ICE to raid homes and detain over 450 people. Fourteen were taken by these terrorists here in DC. On Oct 4, immigrants and supporters marched from ICE headquarters to the Wilson Building to demand that Mayor Bowser take action to prevent further raids. So far she has been silent on this assault immigrant communities.

ICE is playing the "good immigrant, bad immigrant" game, rather like "good protester, bad protester" even naming the September terror raids "Operation Safe City" while focussing on sanctuary cities. Protesters in front of ICE called out ICE's lies, pointing out that these raids are nothing but vengeance from Donald Trump and ICE against cities that dare to defy his will.

At the Wilson Building, four demands were made:

The first demand is that Mayor Bowser publicly condemn "Operation Safe City" and every other raid or apprehension of a DC resident

The second demand is that Mayor Bowser publicly intervene on behalf of all 14 individuals (detained in DC) and demand their immediate release

The 3rd demand is Mayor Bowser ensure all 14 detainees have legal representation (provided by the city)

The 4th demand is that Mayor Bowser take action to strengthen rather than back down existing policies and refuse to honor all ICE detainers or notification requests.

Assembling in front of ICE to protest Trump's so-called "safe city" raids and terror

Marching to ICE

In front of the Wilson Building demanding that Mayor Bowser speak out against the raids and take action to block future raids.

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