Brazilian fascist Jair Bolsonaro forced to cancel GW University speech

On the 13th of October,extreme-right Brazilian congressman Jair Bolsonaro was forced to cancel his planned appearance at George Washington University after students began mobilizing against him. He is a far-right fascist planning to run for President of Brazil. In a recent scandal Bolsonaro called for the execution by firing squad of the curators of an LGBTQ art exhibit.

Bolsonaro claimed his schedule in NYC is too busy to permit his appearance at GWU, but his speech there was planned before his NYC trip and apparently was the official reason given for his visa to enter the US at all. Thus time is an unlikely excuse, used by a fascist who does not want to admit he is afraid of the students and people at GWU and surrounding areas.

DC is now on the books as a place where Fascist events can be no-platformed and shut down by determined opposition. Richard Spencer has been punched in the face, NPI's November 2016 "Heil Trump" dinner was raided and exposed by antifascists, Trump's Inauguration was ruined and his honeymoon taken away. It can even be said that the J20 persecution is about "one broken Presidency, not 11 broken windows."

Now Brazilian fascist Bolsonaro has been forced to cancel his appearance in DC. Especially in the aftermath of the Nazi torches and terror attack in Charlottesville, things are just too hot for him in DC and especially in places like GWU. No fascist can show his face in DC for more than a few minutes before being engaged by anyone from hard-core antifascist fighters to tourists. Even Richard Spencer's unannounced Oct 7 appearance on the Mall en route to Charlottesville required police to protect him from jeering tourists.

Bolsonaro is a Christian Social Party (PSC) congressman in Brazil, and though he has not formally declared his candidate for Brazil's presidency he is running at #2 in opinion polls for that office, rather like Donald Trump at the start of his 2016 campaign. He is even more dangerous than Donald Trump within the (European-drawn) borders of his own country, with some estimating a Bolsonaro presidency could cause as many as 30,000 deaths as Phillipines-style death squad activity and police brutality explode.

Bolsonaro is especially an enemy of Brazil's Indigenous population, as an advocate of what would amount to confiscating Indigenous lands for corporate exploitation. One of his quotes is "Where there is indigenous land, there is wealth beneath it." Earlier this year Jail Bolsonaro was fined R$50,000 for using racial slurs against indigenous Quilombola communities. He is also especially filled with hate for GLBTQ folks, saying he would prefer the death of his own child "in an accident" to that child being Gay.

Bolsonaro is not only a fascist but a terrorist, suspected of bombings at a military headquarters and a water main bombing. The bombings were for no more reason than an attempt to increase soldier's pay.

VICTORY! Bolsonaro cancelled his appearance before this mobilization had to occur

Official cancellation notice

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