Protest against Trump's Muslim ban 3.0 marches from White House to Trump Hotel

Video from the No Muslim Ban Ever protest

On the 17th of October, a Federal court blocked Trump's third version of his Muslim Ban in response to a lawsuit by Hawaii. Trump being certain to appeal as before, mobilizing continues against the ban. On Oct 18, the day it was supposed to go into effect, a large protest marched from the White House to Trump Hotel.

The protest was in three parts. First up was a rally at the White House featuring Muslim speakers. A Kurdish refugee from Iraq told listeners he had been on a plane to the US when the first Muslim ban started going into effect and was yanked off the plane. He later was admitted to the US after the first and second Muslim Bans were suspended by court action.

The second part of the day was a march from the White House through the streets to Trump Hotel. The march stretched for blocks along Penn Ave. At Trump Hotel, a stage was waiting, and a second rally was held, this time featuring non-Muslim allies opposing Trump's third attempt at a Muslim travel ban.

A Jewish speaker in the "allies" rally at Trump Hotel reminded everyone that as a Jew he understood the ugly historical precendents of both the ban and of Trump's Islamophobia. This speaker went so far as to invoke remembering "what it's like to be banned for who you are" in language invoking not only the 1030's US rejection of Jewish refugees from Europe but the wholesale discrimination against Jews in the early years of the Nazi regime in Germany itself. It was not necessary to mention Nazi Germany by name for the comparison to Trump to be made very clear to anyone familiar with the history involved.

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