Reportback and video from Catharsis DC "Temple Burn"

On the 11th of November, Catharis DC staged their "Temple Burn" bonfire on the Mall. As always, the bonfire was preceded by a spectacular fire ceremony. Again the NPS limited the size of the bonfire, and this year NPS also banned one of the art installations, a 40+ foot sculpture of a nude woman. This was replaced by a smaller but similar projection installation.

Events wrapped up on Sunday, Nov 12 with a march to the US Capitol including the famous Abraxis Dragon, followed by a ceremoney and announcement concerning the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

The Catharsis on the Mall website posted these works on the overall purpose of this three day First Amendment event:

"Catharsis on the Mall is a First Amendment demonstration to promote compassion; equal rights for women, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming people; and catharsis for victims of oppression."

Updated:New, better quality mix video of the fire dance and bonfire

Video of the the fire dance and bonfire from a mix of original clips and the Catharis DC live footage

Video-DC Bike Party rides to Catharsis for burn night

John Zangas Youtube video-the daytime scene at Catharsis

Photo by Kevin Bond

The replacement for the sculpture banned by NPS probably over GOP concerns for nudity etc.

The Abraxis Dragon was on site

Still from Catharsis DC's live video footage

The famous "Peacewalker" seen at antiwar protests back at least as far as the 1980's was there

Spectacular Catharsis DC long shot of the fire dancers

The Abraxis Dragon on the early AM Nov 12 march to the US Capitol (Photo by Catharsis DC)

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