Charlotttesville car attack victims resisting grand jury subpoenas

VIdeo from press conference in front of courthouse

On the morning of December 13, a Federal grand jury met in Virginia concerning the events of Aug 12 in Charlottesville, where one person was killed and 19 wounded by neo-Nazi car driver James Fields. Now the survivers of the attack are being harassed by prosecutors and grand jury subpeonas. Activists are advising refusal to testify as the grand jury could be also seeking to charge counterprotesters.

One person who managed to get her subpoeona quashed spoke outside the courthouse saying "I will not be bullied." While theoretically the grand jury appears to be investigating the car attack, there is no legal reason anything the grand jury learns cannot be used to file criminal charges against counterprotesters. For good reasons (such as the J20 trials), progressive and anti-fascist activists regard law enforcement and prosecutors as not being allies but rather threats, and cooperation with them is considered dangerous to everyone. The old adage is "nobody talks, everyone walks."

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