Keystone XL protesters enter TD Bank

On the 28th of June, protesters from Climate First! entered two branches of TD Bank demanding they sever their ties to TransCanada, builder of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

Video on Archive of the first TD Bank entry

Same video on liveleak, HD 720P available

At the first branch, protesters were able to get to the counter and attempted without success to hold a discussion with the Saturday day manager. He probably had to write a detailed report on the protest. Afterwards activists rolled out yellow "caution" tape outside and gave out fliers to passers by

Activists then went to a second branch of "Tar Dollar" Bank, the one at 15th and P sts where there was a concrete barrel lockdown in March 2013. They got into the ATM vestibule between the inner and outer doors (site of the 2013 lockdown) but a fast-moving bank employee managed to lock the inner doors. This was followed by a second round of yellow tape and fliers. This time around, a cop insisted on removing the yellow tape, claiming it could not be on either public or private property.


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