Protesters at White House after Trump cancels TPS for Salvadorans, 250K+ face deportation

15 sec video clip-speaker asks immigrant voters who stayed home in 2016 to boot GOP, Trump

On the 8th of January, Donald Trump's Homeland Security secretary Kisstjen Nielson announced that Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran immigrants is being terminated. Now an estimated quarter million people risk deportation after Sep 2019, the formal end date for TPS. As word of this racist decision spread, protesters gathered at the White House.

Both protesters in front of the White House and government officials in El Salvador demanded that Congress pass legislation to protect migrants from El Salvador, which faces some of the worst poverty in all of Central America due in large part to US foreign policy such as Reagan's intervention in the civil war of the 1980's.

TPS for Haiti, Nicaragua, and several other countries was also declared over, with an 18 month delay for all countries. That means everyone with TPS has until Sep 2019 to find another status, go underground, leave the US, or face arrest and deportation by Trump's ICE gestapo. Trump for his part gave an ugly speech on the subject including racist dog whistles which will not be repeated here and another vow to build his wall. That wall may cause a government shutdown within weeks, as Trump is demanding $18 Billion for just the first phase of it.

There can be little doubt that the termination of both DACA and TPS is part of Trump's "Make America White Again" agenda in lockstep with the demands of the alt-right, the white nationalists (Nazis) who thrust him into power.

Photo cropped from image posted to Twitter by Brynna Quillin

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