Pipeline/fracking opponents post their demands on the walls of FERC

Video: Posting demands on the doors and walls of FERC

On the 18th of January, Beyond Extreme Energy and others fighting against fracked gas pipelines, fracking, and eminent domain posted their demands on the walls of FERC shortly before the agency's monthly meeting.

As fast as activists were putting up fliers demanding that FERC comply with other Federal agencies and laws, security guards ripped them down.

FERC or the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the agency responsible for approving fracked gas pipelines and approving them for the use of eminent domain. FERC is also the prototype for Trump's pattern of putting industry kingpins in charge of the agencies that regulate their own agencies. FERC is paid for by the very companies it regulates, and FERC commissioners usually have prior experience as executives of pipeline and utility companies. FERC has been called a rubber stamp as they have only disapproved one fracked gas pipeline and one LNG terminal in recent times. They have been called out as a revolving door, and even as the "FERCus" as their process (and their meetings) have become such a circus.

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