Charges dropped against all but 59 of the J20 defendents

On the 18th of January, the US Attorney's Office filed a "notice of intent to proceed" against only 59 of the until now 188 remaining defendents from the DisruptJ20 protests a year ago. They have stated they want to focus on a "smaller core group" so this fight is by no means over. The remaining 59 J20 defendents need your support now as much as ever.

Anarchist News reports that lead J20 prosecutor Jennefer Kerkhoff wrote the government would move to dismss the charges against 129 of the J20 defendents "in light of the legal rulings by the court and the jury’s verdicts in the first trial of these cases." These 129 people are now freed of the worry of spending the rest of their lives in prison, but they spent a full year looking up the barrel of a very large cannon. The kind of stress this puts on a person cannot be understated, it can be a life-altering experience in and of itself. Meanwhile, 59 people are still at risk for over 60 years in prison, which is a life term for most or all of them.

Trump, Sessions, and Kerkhoff still want to destroy the lives of as many people as possible as vengeance for the loss of Trump's expected honeymoon to the protests of Jan 18-21 2017. We must never stop fighting until the last case is dropped or the last defendent is acquitted. This is NOT over, not by any means.

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