Net Neutrality activists stage people vs Big Telcos tug-o-war at FCC

On the 1st of July, net neutrality activists returned to the offices of the FCC, this time staging a tog of war between "the Big Telecoms" and "the People" with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler as a bystander. Suddenly, Chairman Wheeler changed his mind, joined on the side of the people, and the resulting greater force pulled down Comcast, Verizon, and ATandT.

Musical video on Archive featuring corporate bribery of the FCC and Tug of War

Same video in full 1080P HD quality-140MB

If Net Neutrality is defeated, you may have difficuly watching videos like the one in this article because won't be able to buy tolled fast lane access like Youtube and Netflix are doing. The extra bandwidth purchased by these services will be taken from the rest of the Internet, slowing down Archive, Indymedia, maybe even Liveleak.

Still worse, there would be nothing to prevent "paid partnerships" between Netflix, Facebook, Google etc from subsidizing "last mile" bandwidth, with consumers expected to pay more to connect to any unsubsidized site. The future of the Internet could be 500MB per month, all the Facebook, Netflix, and Hulu advertising supported content you want, and a dollar per megabyte for anything else.

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