State of the Union protesters boo Trump's motocade, march in the streets

Video of the protest, the motorcade being booed, and protesters marching away

Trump's State of the Union address drew protesters who lined both probable motorcade routes, booring as his motorcade passed. As soon as it did, protesters turned their backs on Trump's SOTU and left, some dispersing and others marching away. There were even calls for a TV boycott of the speech in an effort to deplatform Trump.

The march intended to terminate at the National Press Club so particpants could attend the “State of OUR Union” w/ @NWBlackWomen, which was one of a huge number of alternative events held to counter-program against the State of the Union. Unfortunately, police blocked the doors of the National Press Club, and security never did agree to order police to let the marchers attend. They cited "prior incidents" from when the National Press Club hosted fascist groups as the reason.

Some SOTU boycotters spoke on Twitter of doing laundry and other mundane tasks while Trump spewed his venom. Speaking of venom, GOP dirtbac Representative Gosar tried and apparenly failed to get the US Capitol Police to arrest DREAMers invited by some of the Democrats to attend Trump's State of the Union speech for close observation.

Inside, at least 13 Democrats were reported as intending to refuse to attend, and Congressional Black Caucus members who were present wore black Kente cloth. Dems refused to stand for some of Trump's remarks, even groaning at the worst of them. One poll showed Trump's speech getting the worst reception from voters in at least 20 years.

Earlier on Jan 30, the Washington Post listed Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR), Rep. Frederica S. Wilson (FL), Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (NY), Rep. John Lewis (GA), Rep. Maxine Waters (CA), Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Juan Vargas (CA), Rep. Bobby L. Rush (IL), Rep. Danny K. Davis (IL), Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL), Rep. Al Green (TX), Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) and Rep. Albio Sires (NJ) at intending to boycott Trump's State of the Union Speech. The final count was not available as of this writing, but there was no news of the Democratic Party as a whole growing the necessary spine to stand up and walk out, all togehter, as Trump entered the room. A Party capable of that probably would not have folded their hand and approved a continuing resolution to re-open the government without first granting legislative relief to nearly a million DREAMers facing deportation or having to go underground within weeks. This the "I'd rather be protesting Hillery" sign carried by one of the street marchers was no surprise at all.

Trump himself blustered about North Korea and displayed a North Korean defector without mentioning that no more North Korean defectors can enter the US due to his own travel ban. He attacked the freedom of speech of football player Joe Kaepernick and other NFL players who have dared to kneel during the Star Spangled Banner to protest police murder of people of color. Prior to his speech, he signed an executive order to keep Guantanimo Bay open, and repeated his threat from last year to send more prisoners there.

Protesters boo Trump's motorcade as it passes on Constitution Ave.

The Backbone Campaign's projectionists had something to say (Photo by Backbone Campaign)

Those members of the Congressional Black Caucus who attended the State of the Union at all wore black Kente cloth.(Photo by OfficialCBC)

One of two initial positions of the anti-Trump protesters. Reports were of an equal number of protesters at 3ed and Independence, to cover both likely routes for the motorcade

Cops forcibly pushed back one protester for trying to cross the street

The ugly face of GOP racism: a failed attempt by Rep Gosar to get Capitol Police to check DREAMer's invited by Demos ID's, then hold any who are "out of status" for ICE

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