Secret Service harasses local activist at home

At or about 10;30AM on Feb 3, 2018, two members of the US Secret Service attempted to question a person they believed to be an Indymedia videojournalist at his presumed home address. They left their black SUV at the bottom of the driveway, and very quickly found themselves back inside it with no answers at all, unable even to ask their questions before being ordered off the property.

When they asked if they could "ask a few questions," the only response they got was "No! OUT!" and they turned and left the property as ordered. The subject of their planned questions is not known, as no effort was made to determine it. Attempts to question cops can leak more information than can be gained so the best response is always to clam up and slam the door in their faces.

Anyone answering questions to cops who come to their door is either helping put themselves in jail or helping put someone else in jail. Thus there can be no reason for ever cooperating with such an investigation. There is an excellent poster on this, showing every door on a block slamming shut in the presence of an FBI agent standing in the street.

Here is some background on the case:

The same activist harassed by Secret Service was harassed by Secret Service before, with a Deploraball/Veritas warrant served a month earlier used as an excuse for a forcible detention by a mixed scrum of SS and Park Police at a March 6 2017 protest at Lafayette Park. That time around, police backed off after their claimed warrant came up as the Deploraball warrant that had been served over a month earlier. They possibly would have tried for an illegal arrest, but a growing crowd was surrounded and crowding them as media cameras descended.

On Mayday 2017, one cop on Freedom Plaza yelled a warning that "you have better not have a stayaway" while surely knowing there was none as one of the Deploraball detectives.

Throughout late Spring and Summer 2017, Jack Posobiec and his sidekick Cassandra Fairbanks tried to follow this same activist around at multiple protest, spewing stories both in person and over Twitter alleging that presence at protests violated non-existant conditions of non-existant probation. They were nowhere to be seen at any court hearing of course, as telling lies in court is perjury. When the court case ended with nobody going to jail, they became as silent on this as the crickets of midwinter. A few alt-right Twitter accounts have continued spewing lies, but Jack Posobiec and Cassandra Fairbanks are not yakking about violating non-existant probation anymore. To do so would be to admit defeat.

This applies to ALL law enforcement agencies, not just the FBI

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