Protesters surround MD Governor's Mansion over Potomac Pipeline

Video:Surrounding the Governor's Mansion to oppose the Potomac Pipeline

On the 15th of February, protesters opposing TransCanada's Eastern Panhandle Extension aka the Potomac Pipeline surrounded the MD Governor's Mansion in Annapolis. After a starting rally on Lawyer's Mall in front of the statehouse, protesters fanned out to surround the mansion.

The Potomac Pipeline would be brought to you by TransCanada, the people behind the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. It would deliver fracked gas from the gaslands of Pennsylvania to industries that do not yet exist in W Virginia. MD would get nothing from the pipeline except the risk of pipeline explosions and increased contamination of the Potomac River from more fracking upstream in PA. Fracking itself is illegal in MD, so protesters were asking Gov Hogan to "Keep your fracking promise!" Looks like TransCanada's fracked has pipeline is about as popular as the puppy-killing ways of Huntingdon Life Sciences(now Envigo) would be in MD. Both bring protesters to the homes of those responsible. Not suprising, as water poisoned by gas fracking can be a stomach-churning proposition in your cup, and your tap water is not supposed to catch on fire.

Lights set up behind the Governor's Mansion

The rally at Lawyer's Mall

Spreading out around the Governor's Mansion

Closer view of the lights

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