Catholic group stages civil disobedience for DREAM act on Cap Hill

On the 27th of February, a Catholic group including many nuns took over the Russel Senate Office Building's rotunda, praying the Rosary and singing "Amazing Grace" in defiance of US Capitol Police. This led to many arrests. The protest was to demand that Congress pass a clean DREAM act to protect migrants brought to the US as children.

Migrant activists in general have REJECTED Trump's fake calls for "compromise" none of which were meant to be passed anyway. Those bills are essentially racist bills to build the wall, send more money to ICE, and impose big cuts in "legal" immigration such as for family members of current migrants. These bills included protection for DREAMers brought to the US as children, but only as a "sweetener" to get Democratic votes for the overall package. Migrant groups have not been impressed, and DREAM protests generally have demanded a clean bill with zero provisions harming other migrants, zero mentions of wall funding, zero mention of ICE funding increases, and zero mentions of reducing settler government-permitted immigration

Of course, for a settler/colonizer government on stolen land to even call others immigrants much less seek to regulate migration is utter hypocrisy. White anti-immigrant racists, ICE, CPB, and Trump are best compared to a burglar in your house demanding control over what guests and relatives you are permitted to admit. If anyone should be deported, it's Trump and the white supremacists-they have no right to be anywhere on Turtle Island at all. For half a millenium Indigenous warriors have fought to be free of them and their murderous ancestors.

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