Haitians, allies protest Trump's deportation plans and "shithole" insults

Video: tourists join the protesters in front of the White House

On May 19th the 1804 Movement for All Immigrants gathered in front of the White House. They were protesting Trump's decision to end TPS for Haitian and Central American refugees, and his related remarks calling their countries "shitholes."

Speakers celebrated Haiti's history of one of the few entirely successful slave uprisings in all human history, which defeated 90,000 troops sent by Napolean in a failed attempt to crush the rebelliion. Ever since, the white supremacist nations and notably the US have treated Haiti like dirt. As for "shithole countries," the US has rotting infrastructure, ever-expanding poverty mirrored by obscene wealth, the largest prison population on Earth, and for that matter, people were standing in mud almost in front of the Presidents house! Trump is in no position to speak of such things.

As the protest continued many young people from a tour group asked for signs and joined the protest. This shows just how unpopular Trump really is! I did not see this even in early 1980's protests against Reagan's attempts to bring back the draft for his war in El Salvador

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