DC transgender Police Sgt. Jessica Hawkins confirmed to have marched solo in Pride parade

It has been confirmed that in addition to the MPD officers spotted marching ahead of the Pride parade by David Thursten, transgender MPD officer Jessica Hawkins marched in uniform, solo, with the transgender flag. At one point, MPD retweeted a video showing her, then realized people in the background were chanting "fuck the police" and pulled down their retweet.

It has also been reported that the presence of Sgt. Jessica Hawkins on the street has led to an increase in arrests and harassment of transgender sex workers, possibly due to her intimate knowledge of the transgender community. While lurid allegations on FOX news concerning alleged relations on her part with police interns and alcohol are the usual anti-youth crusade one would expect from FOX and the GOP, the charges of using her knowledge of her community to arrest sex workers are a far more serious matter. It is being charged that she is even used by MPD to make arrests of transgender sex workers in person in an attempt to defuse an otherwise volatile situation. Then, after these acts of treason against her community she has the audacity to show her face at Pride, much less march in the parade.

It is not known if she marched with the full support of Capital Pride organizers, with a wink and a nod on their part, or just unilaterally joined the parade on her own. The latter is not that uncommon, back in 2013 the entire Booty Buccanneers contingent simply entered the parade and marched down the remainder of the route as an exit strategy after blocking the Wells Fargo and Citibank floats. Speaking of Wells Fargo, still no reports of anyone spotting them at Pride, so at least one No Justice No Pride demand (boot Wells Fargo) has been achieved. Capitol Pride does need to explain what was going on both with Sgt Jessica Hawkins and with that contingent of cops marching ahead of the parade spotted by David Thurston. MPD was not on the official list of parade participants, but was Capital Pride trying to work both sides of the street on the policing issue?

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