Women march on DOJ, Hart Building against ICE detention, 575-630 arrests in mass CD

Video of the march and civil disobedience 4 min 8 sec

On the 28th of June, a march of well over 1,000 mostly women marched past Trump Hotel and sat-in outside the "Dept of Injustice" without arrests. Afterwards they descended on Capitol Hill and backed up all entrances to the Dirksen and Hart buildings with the long search lines. Once inside, hundreds of women were arrested in a massive civil disobedience against family separation and detention on the border

As of 11PM EDT on June 28, 630 arrests were reported inside the Hart Building. This was according to a late-night update posted to Twitter. The Washington Post gave a figure of 575, which matches earlier accounts and a daytime press release issued by the Capitol Police. The updated figure of 630 was released much later in the day. The civil disobedience was entirely by women. Speaking of gender, a number of signs in the march asked why no photos that have emerged from the detention centers ever show women and girls. This is considered more than suspicious. A demand heard throughout the day was "abolish ICE" meaning marchers understand that it is not enough to stop family separation, as evil as recent practices have been. All immigration detention has to go without exception, and migration is considered a human right not requiring permission from nation-states and their wealthy backers. ICE, Trump's wall, the border itself-all of it has to go.

The scene inside the Hart Building (Still from Alejandro Alvarez video)

The women participating in the civil disobedience wore the same "space blankets" given by ICE to children separated from their parents (Still from Alejandro Alvarez video)

The march to Capitol Hill began with a public shaming of Trump Hotel

The street sit-in at the Dept of Injustice was also a civil disobedience, but as at ICE and FERC earlier in the week, cops declined to make arrests.

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